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Sweet Hockey

By webmaster, 09/20/10, 6:48PM CDT


The NHA has signed up for the sweet hockey training videos. Every player and coach will be getting an email from sweet hockey. No charge for players.

New Online Training for NHA Players & Coaches

Sweet Hockey Training is a skill based video teaching platform that focuses on giving players and coaches the opportunity to become better.  We believe in long-term skill development and recognize the fact that it takes years to develop these fundamental skills.  We hope you share this same philosophy. 
Here’s what is provided:
Players – Will have unlimited access throughout the season to 20 different stick handing lesson plans or homework assignments.  Each drill will have a detailed explanation and demonstration of the exercise.  Players watch the videos, print off the plan and start practicing.  This can all be done at home and at times that work within each player’s schedule.  We provide the structure and purpose, but the success of the program comes down to the self-motivation, commitment and time spent on improving. 
Coaches – Will have unlimited access to our long-term skill development drill library, concentrating on how to teach technical skating (both forward and backwards), on-ice stick handling, agility, use of jump ropes and how to teach shooting.  There are over 400 different drills to assist the coaches within your program in teaching these fundamental core skills. 
Please click here to view sample drills from each category.