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2023 - 24 Tournaments

Northfield Hockey Association will be hosting the following tournaments in 2023-24.

$1200 - 3 Game  Guarantee - 8 Team Tournament 

Bantam B1 (Metro B2)                November 18-19, 2024

Squirt C                                                December 16-17, 2023

Squirt B                                                January 27-28 , 2024

District 9                                             February 15-18, 2024

Contact:  TournamentDirector@NorthfieldHockey.Net

Northfield Mite Jamboree:  March 8 - 10, 2024

Registration and additional information is available below.


Tournament Info

We have a 3 GAME GUARANTEE for all tournaments (Mite Jamboree excluded).  When a tournament is not filled, there could be a possibility of 4 games.  Tournaments will be scheduled when four or more teams are registered.  Depending on the number of teams registered, games could start early on the Friday of the tournament and may go into late afternoon on Sunday so please let parents know to plan ahead in this case.  NHA will make every effort to have tournament schedules out at least 2 weeks in advance and post to the tournament page on our website.

Please submit rosters, coaching, and updated manager information once your season has started.  This information is important in the process of scheduling the tournament and sending out information in a timely manner for the tournaments.  All information can be emailed to TournamentDirector@NorthfieldHockey.Net

Tournament Rules

Teams need to be ready to skate 15-minutes prior to game time, as games may begin early in order to maximize schedule.

  • Four (4) minute warm-up
  • Three (3) – (12/15) minute stop time Periods (Squirt.U8/Peewee.Bantam)
  • One (1) minute rest between periods
  • 3rd Period Run Time if team leads by 5 or more goals.  2nd Period Run Time if team leads by 10 or more goals as long as both head coaches agree.  During running time, the clock will be stopped for injuries, when the puck leaves the ice, when the net is off, during ice repairs and while penalties are being assessed (not during penalties).  Each team will be allowed one (1) one-minute time-out per game.  
  • In the event of a tie at the end of regulation play, there will be a one (1) minute rest followed by a five (5) minute sudden-death, 4 on 4, stop time overtime period. If no goal is scored, there will be a one (1) minute rest followed by a shootout. Each team will choose five (5) skaters and they will alternate shots. If still tied, the shootout will continue in “Sudden Death” format, with one skater at a time from each team, until one team scores and the other doesn’t.  No skater can participate in the shootout twice until each player on the team (excluding goalies), has participated.

For tournaments with round robin pool play, the games during the round robin or pool play rounds will have no overtime. The game will end in a tie.


  • Minor (USA):  (Bantam) 2:00 minutes, (PW,SQ) 1.30 minutes
  • Major: 5 minutes
  • Misconduct: 10 minutes
  • Fighting:  5 minutes, plus disqualification from tournament
  • If a player receives 4 penalties in a game, they will be ejected from the game
  • If a player receives 2 checking from behind penalties in a game, they will be ejected from the game and will be ineligible to participate in the next tournament game.  If that player receives a 3rd checking from behind during the tournament, they will be removed from the tournament.
  • The Minnesota Hockey penalty rule for boarding and checking from behind will be in effect.
  • Boarding: 5 minute Major
  • Checking from behind: 5 Minute Major and 10 Minute Misconduct

Any abusive language or conduct unnecessary to the game officials by players, coaches, or managers will result in a 2:00 minute Minor penalty plus a Game Misconduct. That player or coach will be ejected from the game and out of the next game. Abusive spectators will be asked to leave the tournament and their team may be penalized by the Referee-in-charge or  Tournament Director. 

Tournament fee is $1200.   All individuals will be welcome to Northfield tournaments and will not be required to pay an entry fee.

USA Hockey approved officials will be used for all games. All decisions of the referees are final. No protests allowed.   All games will be played according to USA Hockey rules as modified by Minnesota Hockey and District 9 or special rules established by Northfield Hockey Association Tournament Committee. All teams participating will be required to wear equipment prescribed by USA Hockey. Canadian teams must wear protective equipment as designated by CAHA.  Minnesota age guidelines are different from USA hockey age guidelines so Minnesota sanctioned players may be up to 6 months older.

Properly certified team rosters and consent to treat forms must be submitted to the Tournament Director at registration check-in. The roster, once submitted, is final. No player may be rostered on more than one team in this tournament. Official rosters will be verified at check-in and in case any questions arise during tournament.

Coaches certification numbers will be checked when the team registers with the Tournament Director.

The Tournament, its’ officials, the Arena and all personnel connected with it shall not be held liable for any injuries sustained during the Tournament.

Teams must register with Tournament Officials at least 30 minutes prior to their first scheduled Tournament game at Northfield Ice Arena.  

All teams will be guaranteed three (3) games. Unless Tournament Director rules otherwise, games will not be made up due to inclement weather – Tournament Director will determine results.

Twenty (20) players may be on the roster and dressed by each team for each game.

No more than 3 coaches will be allowed in the player’s box while games are in progress.

Home team will be the team listed on the top of the bracket and will wear WHITE, unless changed due to uniform limitations.

Host team (if any) will always be the home team regardless of where team is listed on the bracket.